Enhance guest experience while increasing table turns

TableView™ utilizes the power of IoT and AI to improve guest experience by seating guests faster through automation.

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  • Our solution automates many of the tasks that hosts and hostesses usually do manually. And our Smart Table Matching automatically assigns guests to their table, freeing your staff from this task. 
    • Your staff will now have more time to interact and help guests, rather than managing complicated tasks on their tablet devices. 
    • Guests will be seated faster since our system knows in real-time which tables are available and will automatically assign guests to their table. 
  • Our patent-pending real-time table occupancy status will provide guests with accurate wait times. Our under-the-table sensor knows precisely when tables are occupied or vacated, so no more inaccurate wait-times, which can cause unhappy guests to leave.  
  • Our patent-pending guest-to-table guidance system will seat your guests faster and smoother, utilizing a proprietary path of arrows that magically appears on the floor to guide the guests to their table. 
  • Every second an empty table sits in your restaurant is lost potential revenue. Our system automatically and efficiently maximizes table occupancy by taking human errors out of the equation.
  • There is always a lag time between turning tables for the next guests because of busy or distracted staff. Our solution increases table turns by instantly taking the next guests on the waitlist and automatically assigning them to the next available table.
  • Minimum wage increases are causing labor costs to go up and up. Our technology helps lower your labor cost, and these reduced labor expenses can provide increased profits or be shifted toward other operational improvements. 
  • Our patent-pending solution automates high volume tasks previously done manually by hosts/hostesses. Instead of having two to eight hosts/hostesses handling the guest and table management processes, all you need is one host/hostess with our system.  This enables staff to focus on adding personal touches to improve service quality.
  • High labor turnover rates (up to 75%) are a challenge to restaurants today. It is very expensive recruiting, hiring, and training employees (can cost an average of $5,800 when an employee leaves).  Our solution will help you and your manager run your operation at peak performance with less staff.  
  • Our system is always on time and always working hard, efficiently and consistently performing routine tasks without needing a break or a day off.  
  • Identify improvements with the biggest impact on the experience AND your bottom line
  • Resolve customer issues faster to reduce unhappy reviews and increase loyalty
  • Send special promotion to customers during slow times to boost revenues.


TableView utilizes the power of IoT and AI to improve guest experience by seating guests faster through automation.

With TableView you’ll improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. TableView handles repetitive, high-volume tasks, so your employees can build value by enhancing the guest experience.  You can now manage the entire process with little or no staff. Here are some of the features and benefits of TableView.

Patent-pending Guest Self-Seating Option

With this option, guests use a tablet kiosk to input the number in their party, and the system automatically match and picks an available table. Waitlist and reservations are automatically managed by the system so your staff is free to assist guests and perform other tasks. 

Capture guest’s phone number for survey or promotion

Our tablet kiosk capture guest’s phone number at the time of arrival for after meal survey and promotion.

Patent-pending Guest-to-Table Guidance System

Ceiling-mounted projectors will light a path of arrows to guide your guests to their tables – no staff required!

Smart Automatic Table Matching

This feature automates matching guests to tables and rotates sections, reducing the cost of having staff perform this complicated and repetitive process.

Optimizing Guest Flow

Hostesses and managers can adjust TableView’s pace settings to stagger the flow of guests to tables. This optimizes the flow of guest seating, meals, and staff workflow.

Real-time Table Occupancy Status

The system’s Under-the-Table patent-pending sensor automatically knows when tables are occupied or available for the next guest. Your staff won’t have to roam the floor to monitor the status of your tables.

Big Data and KPIs

Our patent-pending technology collects data from your real-world operation and converts it into an intuitive digital format to help executives and operators make better decisions.

Full standalone or Side-by-Side Solution

Our solution can either be used as a standalone or concurrently with other guest and table management softwares.

Manual repetitive tasks and processes TableView™ OpenTable Yelp DineTime
Reservation and Waitlist management Automated Hostess Hostess Hostess
Ask for number of party Automated Hostess Hostess Hostess
Automatic match party to table and section Automated Hostess Hostess Hostess
Paces and stagger the flow of guests to the table Automated Hostess Hostess Hostess
Guide guests to their table Automated Hostess Hostess Hostess
Monitor which table is occupied or available Automated Hostess Hostess Hostess